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Have you had to counteract negative publicity for your personal brand, your organization or your PR client online?

What did you do? Did it work? If you had the opportunity to do it again, what would you do differently? What if you had a step-by-step plan to guide you to manage your online reputation or your PR client’s reputation?

Online reputation management, also called ORM, refers to building, improving, or restoring your brand’s name on the Internet. In the Women in PR Online Reputation Management program, we will show you how to take control of your reputation by employing various strategies that are both proactive and reactive (for any damage control needed).

Get our FREE List of 12 Tools To Help Manage Your Online Reputation here

ORM is more than just social media monitoring, but it isn’t a full-on PR campaign. It involves simple tools and techniques that any Women in PR can implement. Whether tackling negative Google search results, removing risky personal information on social media, or eliminating troubling images that shouldn’t be online, ORM is essential to any brand’s image.

As Women in PR you need to understand how to manage your client’s reputation.

When potential customers encounter a brand, the first place they’ll go to find more information about the company and its products or services is the Internet. What’s more, they’ll believe what they read there and worse, they might spread the word. If someone’s first impression of your business is a bad review or negative comment, they may not investigate further.

In this program, you will…

  1. Create detailed guidelines for being proactive and avoiding negative online publicity before it occurs;
  2. Identify the key steps to online reputation management, and how to apply them specifically to your personal brand, organization or PR client’s brand;
  3. Learn how to maintain and control your online reputation and the key success factors required to develop an effective reputation management strategy;
  4. Develop an online reputation strategy that encompasses your target market, along with a structure for creating relevant content that speaks directly to them;
  5. Implement tactics for maintaining control over key areas of your online presence, along with recognizing and avoiding common mistakes that may serve as obstacles;
  6. Identify methods of damage control and minimization of negative comments if they should occur.

Women in PR exists to help you succeed.

Online reputation management doesn’t allow you to control everything everyone says about you. However, it does give you a great deal of control through monitoring, communicating with the public, and creating your own positive content to mitigate the negative. In this program, we’ve done the work for you! Use our step-by-step guide to manage your online reputation strategy for yourself, your organization or your PR clients.

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Get our FREE List of 12 Tools To Help Manage Your Online Reputation here

Managing Director of Pink Pearl Public Relations; Chairwoman of the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations and the Organization of American Women in Public Relations.

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