Women in PR North America is an influential network of leading business women striving for excellence in the field of public relations.

We are partnering with businesses across the Americas to promote opportunities for women to learn and to share resources in a supportive community. We are connecting leaders, developing new industry initiatives and inspiring new graduates through our event programs. We promote a collaborative learning environment through our portfolio building courses led by industry experts.


We believe in celebrating your accomplishments and helping you succeed in the PR field.

The organization was founded by Talia Beckett Davis, Managing Director of Pink Pearl Public Relations. She has a particular interest in promoting the advancement of women and is working to support women entrepreneurs and public relations professionals. Talia is also the creator of the Public Relations Academy, and she shares her PR tips on her podcast and blog Fempreneur.com      

pr specialists

64% Women

pr managers

59% Women


40% Women

leading large agencies

4 Women Leaders

leading small agencies

Most Have Founded

annual Gender Pay Gap

$15,824.52 US Dollars

boardroom table

16% Women

earning over $150,000
us dollars per year

12% Women

the career LADDER

18% Confident

confidence asking for a pay raise or promotion

26% Not Confident

balancing child care and work commitments

78% Women

cost of not getting paid equally over entire career

$700,000 to $2 million 

Our Story:

From the beginning

After doing a substantial amount of research, we identified what our community needed, and we got to work to deliver it to them. We created programs to help women navigate in their careers, mentorship opportunities, and an entire catalogue of public relations courses to help others keep up with PR, media, and digital marketing trends. 

Everything begins with an idea. Talia Beckett Davis had one to start a networking, coaching, idea-sharing, and training group dedicated specifically to women in public relations.

Canadian Women in Public Relations launched in Toronto and we expanded into the USA. American Women in Public Relations was launched in New York City and the USA Advisory Council was formed.

Canadian Women in Public Relations launched in Vancouver and Calgary. Our Canadian advisory council was formed. Women working in PR started asking what city we were coming to next!






Started a new magazine for women in public relations, and a premium job board for senior leadership positions.

Launched the Public Relations Academy online training and coaching program. Formed a new research partnership with the European Public Relations Education and Research Association.

Launched the Collective Club for Women in PR globally and our annual PR Leadership Conference.

Conducted research with our partner organizations. Continued to expand our Chapters across the Americas. 






a few more things you should SEE: 

We've put together a list of amazing PR, events, and media vendors that you can count on for your PR campaign planning. If you would like to be included, please contact us for details.

Our Preferred
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We are discussing something that affects all of us, regardless of industry – how to navigate a woman’s career in business.

Female Leaders and Event Speakers

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We host live events in cities across North America to connect our community. You can also join us globally for our online PR Talks and Collective Club membership to help you grow in your career or business.

Our Chapters
Across the Americas

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You can be at the top of the PR field.

 we believe

While PR attracts more than its fair share of female talent, there are still too few women at the top of our field as agency heads or chief communications officers.

You have a unique expertise to share.

We are creating opportunities for women to speak at events and become more visible. There is a lack of speaking opportunities for women in PR at workshops and conferences; panel sessions are male dominated.

 we believe

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