We are creating opportunities to position women at the top of the PR field.

While PR attracts more than its fair share of female talent, there are still too few women at the top of our field as agency heads or chief communications officers.

“We are all responsible for talking openly and creatively about how we can continue to push for environments where women can lead and succeed.”

— Scott Evans, General Manager, Edelman Toronto

We have produced a research study with the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), aimed at analyzing the position of women in North America’s public relations industry (Canada and the United States).

The research report aimed to establish whether organizational culture and the socialization process influenced women’s ability to progress in their careers. The research project examined three pre-determined groupings, synonymous with other EUPRERA projects across Croatia and England.

The North American report examined the lived experiences of women in public relations; the office culture such as networking, interaction at work, and dress codes; and the socialization, leadership, and ability to see other senior women as role models.

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“Women have played a predominant role in establishing and continuing to shape the public relations industry we know today, an achievement I am very proud of and a legacy I hope to continue through my work with this organization. I encourage women to consider joining the organization to access tools and networks to support our common goals.

“I encourage women to consider joining this organization.”


Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that professional women take a leadership role within the business world. To do this – particularly in the PR industry – there must be a vehicle, such as this organization, that enables us to connect, motivate, and support each other.

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“Women are a driving force in PR. We are not just sitting back on the sidelines and watching change. We are making change happen. Women in PR North America marks growth and commitment, and a goal to continually advance our roles in the profession.”

“We are not just sitting back on the sidelines and watching change.”

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