AgencyBusinessCampaignsLeadershipWomen in PR10 Ways To Grow Your Influence in the PR Industry

Women in PR North America asked our members for some ways to become an important industry influencer in public relations. Although it can take some time, there are certain things you can do to speed up the process. 

BusinessCampaignsLeadershipProgramsWomen in PROnline Reputation Management Is Essential To Any Brand’s Image

Whether tackling negative Google search results, removing risky personal information on social media, or eliminating troubling images that shouldn’t be online, ORM is essential to any brand’s image.

AgencyBusinessLeadershipLifestyleMind HacksmoneyWomen in PRHow To Increase Income in Your PR Business As Women in PR

Women in Public Relations exists to help you succeed and to propel you into a leadership position. We have created an audio guide to share 3 tips to help you increase your income in your PR business.  We encourage you to take a look at your company objectively, ask pertinent questions, and create your plan for future growth. Consider women in public relations as your objective third party, the one who can sort through the processes that...

CampaignsEventsLeadershipLifestylemoneyWomen in PREqual Pay Day 2019 – How To Get Paid What You’re Worth – Women in PR North America

Today, April 2, is Equal Pay Day in 2019, a day that symbolizes the size of the gender pay gap. The day exists to showcase how far the average woman must work into the next year to earn what the average man earned by Dec. 31 of the previous year. To mark Equal Pay Day in 2018, Women in PR North America shared several facts about the gender pay gap in the public relations industry. We have...
What You Need To Consider Before You Hire A New PR Assistant

AgencyBusinessJobsWomen in PRWhat You Need To Consider Before You Hire A New PR Assistant

Hiring a PR Assistant can be a great way to expand your PR agency and your PR services. While your new hire is taking care of the administrative portion of your business, you can focus on your PR clients and growing your PR agency as a successful women in public relations. 
I Want To Work In PR. What Will My Salary Be?

AgencyJobsWomen in PRI Want To Work In PR. What Will My Salary Be?

The job: Public Relations Photo Credit: Tracey Bochner, president of Paradigm PR, left, and Michael Abbass, senior vice-president, in their office in Toronto.  Brett Gundlock, for The Globe and Mail The salary:  Starts at about $40,000 for managers and grows to about $80,000 for associates and beyond. Pays about $150,000 for more senior roles, such as senior vice-president or president. The education: Marketing, communications or journalism are common routes to public relations. Colleges and universities across Canada...

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