What to Do When Your Client Doesn’t Give You Feedback

Whether you work on your own as a consultant, for a PR agency or in-house, there will be times in your work, when you need feedback from your client. Most of the times the feedback will be useful and will help you both go forward in the work you do for them and in your relationship. However, there will be times and clients, who no matter what you do, they won’t give you feedback. You will hear they are unhappy, mainly from others, but they won’t tell it straight to your face. Read more…

Where Should You Work: a Boutique PR Agency or a Large PR Agency?

Are you wondering about the pros and cons about working with a large PR agency versus working with a small boutique agency? Gini Dietrich wrote an excellent comparison on her blog, Spin Sucks and reading her post made me think about my career choices over the years. Though I haven´t worked with a large PR agency, I did work for several years in the different departments of a corporation, the last one being PR and communications. Read more…

Executives: Are You Paying Attention to the Right Media Outlets?

Companies hire public relations agencies to get the media attention they feel their business deserves. In many cases, the viewpoint seems to be: “The bigger the publication or media outlet, the better.” Sure, an article or mention in an outlet with a large readership would be a great win for any company, and there’s no harm in having big goals.

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Why Digital Networking is a Must for Your Career in PR

It has been proven over and over again that networking and building relationships will help you in your career. From landing your first PR job, taking a better position or simply connecting with established professionals in PR (or any other field for that matter), networking is a must for your career.

While attending networking events in your area and touching base with PR pros is great, digital networking can also open up possibilities at another level. You CAN go global. Read more…

3 Ways to Work on Your Business as a PR Professional

Every PR professional should treat their career as a business, making a short, medium and long term plan, setting goals for themselves (not only for the work itself) and laying out a time-frame to achieve them. In your plan, networking should be at the very top.

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