Why PR isn’t just a career. It’s a Lifestyle

Working in PR is not like your typical office job meaning you start your job at 9 am and end at 5 pm. With the evolution of technology and the digital social media channels, PR executives have to constantly be on their social media game 24/7 creating valuable content, communicating with others, establishing a brand and voice, promoting their clients and self-promotion. It’s most common that one ends up living and breathing their PR job from when they wake up to when they fall asleep. It involves a lot of time, dedication, planning and organizing! It can be challenging but the rewards of the hard work pays off in the end.

With all that said, here are three tips on how you can manage your PR Lifestyle and stay sane:

  1. Plan time to unplug. Schedule in time for yourself daily whether it is 30 minutes or an hour by turning off your computer and phone; putting it away. Taking that bit of time away from work and recharging will help you when you return to your work and stay focused and energized.
  2. Spend time with family and friends. Having that social interaction with your loved ones is important and will help you feel a balance away from your work.
  3. Exercise and eat right. It has been proven that eating healthy and exercising are not only beneficially to you physically but mentally as well.The food you eat is your fuel. If you eat junk, chances are you will feel like junk most of the time. Instead, eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies through out the day and drink lots of water and you will notice a difference. It has also been proven that working out gives you energy. Use your time where you unplug from work to go the gym or go for outside in the fresh air for a nice walk. You will notice a difference in how much energy you have to how happy you are!

In the end, it is all about balance which is the key to a successful PR Lifestyle!

Author: Rosalia Marie