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AgencyBusinessLeadershipWomen in PR4 Steps To Find Media To Write About You

Talia Beckett 2 weeks ago
Are you ready to start getting some new publicity? There’s a process for getting publicity effectively, which starts with defining what’s unique about your offering and then coming up with stories to share. Once you have a newsworthy story, the next step is to reach out to journalists and influencers who can help get your story out there to the world.

AgencyBusinessJobsLeadershipLifestyleWomen in PRHow Digital Networking Can Help Your PR Career

It has been proven over and over again that networking and building relationships will help you navigate your career. From landing your first PR job, taking a better position or simply connecting with established professionals in PR (or any other field for that matter), networking is a must for your career. While attending networking events in your area and touching base with PR pros is great, digital networking can also open up possibilities at another level....

AgencyBusinessLeadershipLifestyleMind HacksProgramsWomen in PRHow To Get Things Done: Stop Procrastinating

Talia Beckett 4 weeks ago
We all procrastinate for one reason or another. It may be mundane tasks like filing or something that requires more time and therefore seems like too much effort. However, these tasks can build up and create more stress than you felt in the first place. To help you stop procrastinating and tackle your fears face on, we’ve rounded up some great tips to get you through it all. If prioritization is a struggle for you, check...

BusinessLifestyleTechnologyWomen in PRHow To Make A Digital Connection As A Small Business

Armina Fareed 1 month ago
New uncertainties call for new measures in the digitally connected world, where social distancing and digital presence has become a new normal. Small businesses, like superheroes, are discovering new and innovative ways to use their superpowers to continue in the business.
2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Finding Success As Women in PR

BusinessHealthLifestyleMind HacksmoneyWomen in PR2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Finding Success As Women in PR

This year our New Year’s resolution at Women in PR is to redefine success and happiness. As women in public relations, we get to make our own rules, but the trouble is many of us are still living by the rules that others are making. Some things in life work well, but some things just don’t! If you are like many women in public relations these are the things that could be keeping you from...
Why PR Is An Integral Part Of The Revenue Ecosystem

AgencyBusinessCampaignsmoneyWomen in PRWhy PR Is An Integral Part Of The Revenue Ecosystem

If you’re looking to build brand awareness and boost revenue, ensure public relations activity is part of the budget. Today’s marketers should consider PR as a secret weapon for attracting customers, driving demand, and growing sales and profits. Business advisor and Expedia founder Stuart MacDonald believes PR is crucial to marketing success. He’s a big believer in the power of PR. “When I was CMO at Expedia, I had a 300 million dollar marketing budget, and I told many...
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