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AgencyBusinessLeadershipProgramsWomen in PRWhat Makes YOU the Perfect Presenter? Your Story!

Public speaking is an underrated, yet fantastic way to increase the awareness of a brand. It gives you the ability to communicate your message directly to key audiences. When used as part of the marketing mix to promote your brand and your message, it can provide a powerful boost to your campaign. However, what sets apart a regular speech from a memorable one? What makes you the perfect presenter for your client, business, or for...

LeadershipLifestyleMind HacksWomen in PRPrioritize to Get Yourself Back on the Right Track 

We’ve all been there – workdays get hectic, inboxes fill up, and to-do lists quickly snowball out of control. In your state of panic, all of your tasks seem equally important and time-pressing. No matter how much you try to plan, life always puts a wrench in those plans. When everything seems to beg for your attention at once, there are several strategies you can utilize to help prioritize and put yourself back on the...

AgencyBusinessWomen in PRHow to Get Your First Freelance Client

A lot of professional think that simply being good at something is enough to have clients knocking on their door. However, you need to be more than good to get attention and to get paid. Nailing down your first freelance client can be a daunting task, but once you get the ball rolling it becomes easier. We’ve rounded up a few ways to help you get your first freelance client. Each business is different and...

AgencyBusinessLeadershipLifestyleTechnologyWomen in PR5 Ways PR Can Address Mistrust in 2020

What’s the biggest challenge facing the PR industry? Mistrust – what the last decade left us to manage.  Of brands, governments, non-profits, influencers; your neighbour and of course whoever you’ve matched up with on Tinder (but that’s nothing new).
2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Finding Success As Women in PR

BusinessHealthLifestyleMind HacksmoneyWomen in PR2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Finding Success As Women in PR

This year our New Year’s resolution at Women in PR is to redefine success and happiness. As women in public relations, we get to make our own rules, but the trouble is many of us are still living by the rules that others are making. Some things in life work well, but some things just don’t! If you are like many women in public relations these are the things that could be keeping you from...
Why PR Is An Integral Part Of The Revenue Ecosystem

AgencyBusinessCampaignsmoneyWomen in PRWhy PR Is An Integral Part Of The Revenue Ecosystem

If you’re looking to build brand awareness and boost revenue, ensure public relations activity is part of the budget. Today’s marketers should consider PR as a secret weapon for attracting customers, driving demand, and growing sales and profits. Business advisor and Expedia founder Stuart MacDonald believes PR is crucial to marketing success. He’s a big believer in the power of PR. “When I was CMO at Expedia, I had a 300 million dollar marketing budget, and I told many...
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