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Talia Beckett Davis is the Founder of Canadian Women in Public Relations and American Women in Public Relations. She works as the Managing Director of Pink Pearl PR.

Do you have a passion for something that isn’t what you are currently doing in your career? If so, it may be time to start a side business like the Empress Avenue Shop, or side hustle as many call it. Although it may be tempting to want to put 100% of your time and effort into launching a new business, jumping in with both feet is far riskier than working the business on the side...


There’s an often-expressed belief that successful women in business have at least seven streams of income. If up until now you’ve primarily been working with clients one-on-one, you won’t need to be told there’s a ceiling on that business model. No matter how hard you work, there are only so many hours in a day you can put in, and so much per client that you can charge! If you’re unprepared for the year or stressed out...


The Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations (Women in PR Canada) and the Organization of American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR USA) are pleased to announce Business Wire as a Corporate Partner with Women in PR North America. With Business Wire’s support, Women in PR North America can continue to expand its professional development, networking, and educational content programs for women in public relations.