How To Design Your PR Client Onboarding Process

You’ve just landed a new PR client. You feel the rush of signing with a new brand. It’s exciting; no matter how long you’ve been in business. What’s your next step?

Once you’ve closed the deal, you need to hold your first meeting and onboard your new client the right way. You want to ensure they feel that they have made the right choice to hire you.

As a PR executive, you want to trust that your team will onboard your new clients without you having to be involved in the process. You need to focus on bringing in new clients, but you find it hard to let go and you are staying involved longer than you should. You need to have confidence in your team and in your onboarding process.

Your goal is to have multiple prospects making inquiries all the time so it becomes even more imperative to be organized and have an onboarding system. You want to make it as easy as possible for your PR client to sign up for your PR services!

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Creating a streamlined, scalable PR client onboarding process is essential for you, your entire team, and the client.

Learn how to create your PR client onboarding process and access our templates here.