Global Women in PR Survey 2017 USA

The gender pay gap and lack of women in the boardroom are two major issues affecting the global PR industry.

Last year, in collaboration with Global Women in Public Relations, we launched our first ever survey to establish the facts and this year we are conducting a similar survey.

The 2016 survey revealed that despite the global PR industry being a female dominated business, only 16% of boardroom roles were held by women and the global gender pay gap was found to be £12,600. It is well known that by having a balanced boardroom businesses can increase both the quality of their services and their profitability.

The global PR industry needs to adopt more flexible practices in the workplace to retain female talent and ensure women are equally rewarded.

This survey covers the topics of salary, flexible working, childcare and work-life balance.

We are creating opportunities to position women at the top of our field. While PR attracts more than its fair share of female talent, there are still too few women at the top of our field as agency heads or chief communications officers.

Please visit our new job board here: Women in PR North America

Please help us by taking part, so we can track changes and explore solutions.

The questionnaire can be accessed here: Global Women in PR Survey 2017 USA


We are inviting responses from both men and women. Survey closing date is: July 31st 2017

The research findings will be announced at the ICCO Global Summit in Helsinki, October 5-6.  Working together, we can help achieve the changes that are needed to shape our industry for the future.

Managing Director of Pink Pearl Public Relations; Chairwoman of the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations and the Organization of American Women in Public Relations.

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