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Online Workshop – Raise Your PR Rates + Showcase Your PR Value

November 1, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - December 1, 2018 @ 4:00 pm


We are pleased to invite you to the Women in PR Online Workshop- How To Raise Your PR Rates + Showcase Your PR Value. In this online session, we are discussing an issue ranked as most important to PR in our research – how to define and prove the value of what we do.

This program includes a 60 minute video on demand panel discussion (recording from our live event) sharing the tools you need as a public relations professional and demonstrating how to prove the value of public relations to an organization.

One of the most common challenges you will face as a PR consultant is how to determine your rates.

If you price yourself too high, you might find yourself constantly sending out proposals and not closing any sales. If you price yourself too low, you might undersell yourself and end up overworked, exhausted and resenting your PR clients. You might also feel ready to take the next step and increase your PR rates, but you don’t know exactly how to do this without losing your existing clients.

In this program, we share different types of income generator products and PR service packages that you can implement to help you grow your business. We help you ensure that each PR service offering makes a powerful promise and delivers maximum value to your PR clients. We also discuss how you can prove the value of PR to an organization so that you can command higher rates for your service. We show you how to determine your PR rates and set your rates correctly because failing to do so means that the rates you’re charging might not actually reflect the profit goals of your business. If you’ve been working harder than you should and you aren’t reaping abundant monetary rewards, then things need to change. Today!

Program Includes:

  • Part 1: How to determine your PR rates
  • Part 2: How to define the value of PR to an organization (so you can command higher fees)
  • Part 3: How to increase your current PR rates (once you showcase your PR value)
  • 60 minute video on demand panel discussion (recording from our live event)
  • 25 lessons, checklists, videos, workbook
  • Led by the President & CEO of Women in PR North America
  • Discussion with 4 accomplished women in the field
  • Unlimited access
  • Regularly updated with new content and PR trends

Women in Public Relations_ Headshots_ June 2018 (108)


  • Amanda Bates, Vice President and Managing Partner at Curve Communications Group Ltd.


  • Natasha Netschay Davies, Partner at Moonraker PR and Social Media Networking Instructor at Simon Fraser University
  • Lucy Duso, Policy Coordinator, External Relations Department for Metro Vancouver
  • Pamela Saunders, PR & Social Media Manager at Microsoft Vancouver


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