10 Tips on How to Get Promoted in PR

Do you feel that you are ready to take your career to the next level? Have you successfully landed your dream job in PR and have you been working in the industry for sometime now? But how do you get your boss to promote you?

The following are ten tips on how to successfully get you promoted in the PR industry:

  1. Establish a mentor relationship with an experienced PR professional within the company.  Developing a relationship with someone that has several years of experience in the company that can take you under their wing.  They can be a great source for career tips to helpful information to providing an internal reference for your work performance.
  2. Produce good quality work.  From e-mails to press releases, always triple check your work, make sure you have client names spelled correct and proofread your work.  Your boss will appreciate you taking the time to get the job done and getting it done right and the results will show!
  3. Take initiative.  Ask for more responsibilities and volunteer to help out with any projects, tasks big or small.  It can be anyone within the company, from your boss to your co-worker.  It will also show your boss that you can keep up with your work and help out with other responsibilities which will prove to your boss that you are ready to take on more and take your career to the next level.  Your boss will appreciate you taking the interest in helping out which contributes towards the company’s success.
  4. Keep track of your performance.  Keep a written journal of your past performance will be helpful when it comes to asking for or getting a promotion.  It can also be a great way to keep track of proven results that you have added to the company.  When it comes to review time, you can sit down with your boss and describe situations of how you have added to the company’s success.
  5. Update your skills and knowledge.  Technology is always changing fast, so take a course or two that will be beneficial to you and the company’s success.  Maybe you want to upgrade your social media skills, take a photography class so you can help with producing high quality photos for your company’s website or for a client’s project.  By taking a course that adds to your skills and knowledge that will make you an asset and will be of value to your company.
  6. Network online and offline. Be active on social media and attend networking events. You can grow your network and help grow your company’s network that could lead to possibly a new client. This shows that you are ambitious in not only growing your own personal network but by helping your company grow too!
  7. Show your creativity.  The perk of working in PR is you have a chance to explore your creativity and express that through your work.  Offer to help with a client’s social media, suggest a creative launch party for a business launching a new clothing collection.  By thinking outside of the box, it will show your boss that you can be innovative and help add a unique flare to getting work done.
  8. Always be professional.  From writing e-mails to communicating and attending at meetings, to dressing appropriately.  By working for the company, you represent a part of the company’s brand.  Always make sure you are on time, positive and upbeat.  This will show your boss that you take what you do seriously and that it is not just a job, it is your career.
  9. Be a problem solver and a team player.  Maybe you are planning an event for a client and you can’t find a location or the photographer is sick and can’t show up.  Maybe your co-worker has a tight deadline for a press release and you offer to help out. By being a team player, sharing the credit and stepping up the plate to help solve any issues, you will show your boss that you that you can work well with others, share the success and help the company grow.
  10. Set goals.  Where do you want to be in your career in 5 years?  What do you want to help your company achieve?  By planning your personal career development and goals for the company, it shows that you have plans to further yourself in your education and career and help the company grow and that will show that you are a great asset to the company.

At the end of the day, always remember to do your best in everything you do and put your best foot forward because you can do anything and achieve your goals, such as getting that promotion!

Author: Rosalia Marie, Style-Love.com

Managing Director of Pink Pearl Public Relations; Chairwoman of the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations and the Organization of American Women in Public Relations.

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