PR Value + Measurement Survey – Women in PR North America

Did you know that measurement of PR is the ‘hottest’ and most pressing issue for the practice worldwide!

Research among clients and employers of PR shows that this lack of measurement is costing public relations in terms of budgets, status and acceptance.

A survey of marketing and PR directors found that only 28 per cent were satisfied with the level of evaluation of their public relations efforts, compared with two-thirds or more who said they were satisfied with evaluation of their advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing.

We need to increase satisfaction levels for our profession and we need your help to do just that.

Please take a moment to complete our latest survey “PR Value + Measurement” by September 31, 2017. We appreciate your participation and encourage you to share our research with your networks.

We are creating opportunities to position women at the top of our field. While PR attracts more than its fair share of female talent, there are still too few women at the top of our field as agency heads or chief communications officers.

Visit our NEW job board here:

Please help us by taking part, so we can track changes and explore solutions. Working together, we can help achieve the changes that are needed to shape our industry for the future.


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